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Our specialty is Nephrology and Internal Medicine. Our goal is to work along with your family doctor to help improve or manage your nephrology needs.  In addition, all patients will still follow with their primary care provider.  Here at Nephrology & Internal Medicine our providers and staff members are compassionate to our patients with all types of kidney diseases, as well as all diagnosis.


Emergency Calls:

After 5:00 pm the answering service will answer our phone, take your number, and have the doctor on call return your call.


Payment is expected at the time of the service unless you have made prior arrangements.


All of our physicians are participating physicians in the Medicare Fee-For-Service Program. (the red, white, and blue medicare card.) We are credentialed with some of the managed medicare or medicare advantage plans. These plans require that the patient pay a co-pay when you visit a physician's office. Since nephrology is a specialty practice, the co-pay is higher than for a primary care physicians office. If you have one of these plans, please be familiar with your co-pay amount and be prepared to pay this amount when you arrive for your visit.

We accept both South Carolina Fee-For-Service and Georgia Fee-For-Service Medicaid. Check with our office to find out if we are a member of your managed care medicaid. If your managed care medicaid requires that you have prior authorization to see us, it is your primary care physician's responsibility to do this prior to your appointment. If this is not done, you will be responsible for the payment when you are seen on your appointment date.

We are members of various Health Maintenance Organizations and Preferred Provider Organizations. Check with your carrier to find out if our physicians are a member of yours.

If your insurance requires that you present a referral slip from your primary care physician for a consultation, please have it with you at the time of your appointment.

Please be prepared to Pay your co-pay at sign-in.

Electronic Filing:

We file insurance electronically. Your hospital stay will be filed within two weeks after your discharge. Please notify our office if there is any change in your insurance upon your admission. (A family member may notify us if are unable to do so.) If your condition requires hospitalization, we cannot be responsible for your precertification. Some hospitalizations occur after office hours and therefore you or a family member must notify your insurance carrier regardless of the time of your admission.

When you leave our office, at the end of your appointment, we will provide you with a copy of the information that will be filed to your insurance company. Your insurance will not be filed until your co-pay responsibility is fulfilled.


We are located on Senate Parkway behind the Greenville Street CVS and in Front of The Governors. Senate Parkway runs between CVS and The Palmetto Place building.